• Content Management System: A Variety of CMS Solutions

    A Content Management System is a system that’s used to manage the content on your website. Here the term content management refers to the creation, editing, publishing and distribution of the content. Unlike a static website, a CMS website is dynamic. To put it simple it is database driven and allows publishing and editing of the content from the central interface.

    Advantages of Content Management System

    Accuracy -You can keep the content updated and accurate on content management system by storing it just once. It offers immense flexibility in terms of reusing the content. Also, reusing the content as well as relevant updates to the content is kept a record of.

    Centralized System – This is the best part of a CMS website. It stores all your data in one place that works as central warehouse. This centralized system is a fantastic way to curb redundancy.

    Secured – In order to keep your data secured from unauthorized access, you can assign user privileges so that only authorized people can access the information.

    Low Development Cost – Since popular Content management platforms such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are open source, the development cost is surprisingly low.

    SEO Friendly – It’s considered SEO friendly as you can generate meaningful URLs, include page titles and use appropriate meta data that results in better search rankings.

    Types of Content Management Platforms-

    • WordPress Content Management System
    • Drupal Content Management System
    • Joomla Content Management System

    Benefits of Using WordPress Content Management System

    WordPress has been around for a while now. Making its onset in 2003, WordPress has been a preferred choice of bloggers ever since, but it has become a popular choice for non blogging websites as well. Since it is an open source web development system, it is adored by various companies across the orb. Here are the reasons why WordPress cms development system is so sought after.

    Ease of Use- WordPress is known for its intuitive interface and the ease of use it offers. Adding images, blog posts, new pages is simply a breeze when it comes to WordPress. Also, the user doesn’t need to spend much time on formatting either.

    Manage your website: Anytime, Anywhere- Since, it is browser based you can access your website from any computer with an internet connection.

    No need of FTP or HMTL editing- You can call it a self sufficient content management system that doesn’t require any FTP software or HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver or Contribute.

    100% Customizable Design- Give a unique experience to your visitors through the look and feel of the website which is 100% customizable.

    Plugins to Extend the Functionality- Whether you wish to add video gallery, calendar, twitter feed or any other functionality, you can do that by using the plugins. The best part is that most of these plugins are absolutely free.

    Therefore, WordPress CMS Development has all that, which makes your business website outshine in the cutthroat cyberspace competition.

    Benefits of Using Joomla Content Management System

    Joomla is an open source content management system, that’s preferred for website development on account of many a reasons. Here are to name a few-

    Usability- Whether you are looking for a corporate business website or an online magazine, application for a government institution or an eCommerce website, joomla CMS can do it all. Countless features and options allows you to create a smooth running website with all essential modules.

    Themes and Templates- The availability of themes and templates makes it easy for you to choose the ones that suit the best to your business. Changing the existing theme on your website is a breeze as well.

    Hassle Free Migration- if you ever wish to migrate your website to joomla or vice versa, you can do that with utmost ease. All you need a an expert Joomla Website developer who can help you with this.

    Accessibility- Whether you are tech savvy or not, it barely matters with Joomla CMS. It’s incomparable accessibility help you operate the website with incredible ease.

    Customer Support- Since Joomla CMS is run by a vast community, there will barely be any tough moment. In case of any technical issues, the community can be approached.

    Thus, to utilize above advantages & make your website dynamic, choose Joomla CMS Development.

    Benefits of Drupal Content Management System

    Drupal CMS is an open source content management system, which is known for its specific programming environment. That’s why it is aptly called a programmer’s platform

    Functionality- Drupal CMS development includes a variety of functionalities such as graphics modification tool, advanced menu management, users management, polls management among others. These functions make it possible to create uncomplicated yet advanced sites, discussion boards, social networking pages, blogs and much more.

    User Management- New accounts can be created and different privileges can be given to different users. This advanced user management makes life quite easy.

    Graphics Management- Drupal script is known for its potentialities of design elements editing. Drupal templates and themes are highly useful. Functions configurations can help you with simple and complex configurations.

    Plugins- Thousands of available plugins are at your disposal to be used.

    The above benefits clarifies that Drupal CMS Development leaves no stone unturned to make your business website best among rest.

    Enterprise CMS Solutions: Benefits Galore

    Enterprise content management comprises n number of terms which you may or may not be aware of, such as document management, case management, records management, business process management to name a few. If you are aware of these terms, you are more or less aware of the importance of enterprise CMS solutions. If you are not, you must know that enterprise content management system can be of great use to you as an organization:

    Enterprise CMS Solutions can be used in various ways such as:

    Transactional Content Management
    If you have heaps of documents to manage and wondering for a hassle free way to manage including maintaining, accessing and routing them, then transactional content management system is what you need

    Collaborative Content Management System

    Also known Document Management System, Collaborative Content Management is a system designed to process and facilitate in tandem creation by multiple number of creators across a network based infrastructure.

    Website Content Management

    Website content management provides consistency with the look and feel of the website enabling multiple content producers to create and publish content dynamically.

    So What to do….

    If you need CMS Development Services/Enterprise CMS Solutions?

    While you are now aware of the plethora of benefits these CMS platforms, you must be wondering about how to get started, Hire PHP Web Developer because the most uphill task is not only to choose a web development company that offers these CMS development services, but the one that holds a reputable position in the market. Hirephp is such a web development company that’s deemed as a web development company that has been rendering world class CMS development services as well as Enterprise CMS solutions for over 5 years.

    If you have any queries regarding any of the CMS development services or how to get started with Enterprise CMS Solutions services, Give Us a Shout.

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