• Flash Game Development

    The online games market is the fastest growing market year-on-year. It is a demanding sector with a number of technologies competing on different platforms. Hirephp provides Flash game development services using Flash Game Development and Flex application development tools. Our games can be played on browsers, desktops and mobile phones.

    Our USP is the use of advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to develop our games.

    From Concept to Creation. From Vision to Virtual Reality. Our Flash game development services have the ability to transform your ideas to hard code.

    Our Flash and Flex game developers work on single and multiplayer games.

    Computer Gaming has come along way from the days of the first video game: Pong. Nevertheless, the basics of a good gaming experience remain unchanged.

    “Imaginative, easily understood and extremely absorbing”. That’s how we would describe are gaming products.

    AS1, AS2 and AS3 technologies are used by our game developers. Creativity and Interactivity are the trademarks of games developed by our Flash/Flex teams. Technologies like 3D Studio Max, After Effects and Photo shop are also used to great effect as and when required.

    Our Flex and Flash game development work focuses on constructing, distributing and licensing games for all major platforms including the Internet, Mobile telephony, Handheld Devices, PC’s and Consoles.

    It takes some effort to combine education with fun activities. Hirephp’s game developers are well up to the task. Using state-of-the-art tools, our developers are already making waves in both, the online and the desktop gaming worlds.

    By cleverly using Smart Fox servers, we have the capability of developing entirely Flash/Flex-based virtual worlds for gaming environments.

    As for game aesthetics, you would be hard pressed to find better themes and graphics, than the ones we produce.

    We primarily focus on Contract Video Game Development services. We also develop downloadable and purely online games. Our portfolio consists of casual games, serious, sophisticated games, and different levels of educational games.

    Our expertise lies in completing client projects with all requirements met within short time frames and minimum costs. And we have our development team’s rich experience to thank for this.

    For more information, Enquire Now. Our Sales Team will get in touch with you within 24 hrs. If project details are provided by you, expect to be presented with an attractive and customized (and free of any cost) proposal detailing the specific services we will provide you with to meet your pressing requirements.

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