• HirePHP help build an important tool in PHP Smarty for convicting cable thieves

    Hirephp created Cable Ownership for identifying the owner of lost or stolen cables that the CBiD tape number belongs to. The cable information details will include the company name of the client along with contact name or number. These details will assist the client or the owner of the cable that was stolen and also helps in convicting the cable thieves. The website that is developed using the PHP Smarty framework assist clients to get more information about the place where the cable was stolen and who it was sold to.

    Features integrated in the Cable Ownership website:

    1. Fusion Chart:

    Chart will be generated which represents the graphical view of the numbers of enquiries done from a particular location.

    2. XML-CSV Data import/Export:

    User can import the data and also download the .xls file for the report.

    3. Location API:

    Location will be stored based on the IP address from where the enquiry is done. API “http://ipinfodb.com/ip_location_api.php” is used for that which returns the country, state, city, latitude, longitude for the provided IP Address.

    4. Mobile Gateway Integration [Web Service]:

    JSON Web service of the mobile gateway is called and data is fetched from the gateway. The data is also sent to the SMS Gateway via calling the web service.

    With the help of all these features, the project turned out to be a success. Hirephp created this amazing website in PHP Smarty that meets the requirements of providing detailed information about the stolen cables to the clients or users which leads to minimizing the investigation process for finding cable thieves.

    If you have any such custom requirements or want to create a website in smarty, hire smarty developer for a direct discussion about the scope of your project and get started instantly.

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