• Why Opt Smarty For Web Development When PHP Can Do The Things?

    Well, here is the answer to this question which clears all doubts that have layered on your little thinking mind. PHP is an excellent programming language for generating codes but when HTML is combined, it turns out to be a mess to manage the syntax of PHP statements. That’s where the smart Smarty comes into play to solve all the messed up problems. It’s a template engine or you can say a tool for PHP that separates HTML/CSS from the application logic (PHP code) resulting in a syntax that is easily understandable.

    Smarty has a lot to offer,

    • Reduces time in developing a site as well as maintenance
    • Offers flexibility for custom development
    • Generates a syntax that is easily understandable
    • Clean separation of PHP from HTML
    • Security for accessing 3rd  party templates
    • Cent percent free to use and open source

    PHP Smarty provides the exact tools for portal development projects

    “Smarty is an outstanding tool for both the designers and developers. Here are a few names: sandboxing, template inheritance and granular data caching”

    The projects undertaken in creating websites, portals and applications in Smarty is not a tedious task for the professional team of Hirephp. We have the qualified candidates for producing excellent results as per the requirements of clients and have been doing the good work for the past 5 years. The biggest advantage of working with the Smarty technology is that it has divided the work for both the developers and designers.

    For developing a website in Smarty, our PHP MVC developers no longer have to mix the PHP and HTML coding together. Now they just take care about the business logic and leave the HTML to the designers. It may happen at times that a Smarty CMS designer may require making some changes in the layout of a page under the request of a client. In that case the programmer would not require changing the code to match the new layout as the functionalities will not differ.

    Proof of a “Successfully Accomplished Project” in PHP Smarty

    One such project in Smarty was accomplished by Hirephp and received a lot of praises for its success by the client. The project type was an online survey and the requirement was to create a website in which a user has to create an account on the website to apply for the online test where the questions and answers will be visible to him/her and after finishing the test the user can see the results with start time and end time.

    Features integrated into the website are has follows:

    • Create Account
    • Choose answers from a question
    • Display Start Time and End Time
    • See the Results

    There are a number of projects under the belt of Hirephp and clients have always received results way above their expectations. If you are looking for unique visitors on your website, Smarty is smart enough to do that. We hope that all of the points mentioned in this blog have cleared your doubts regarding the Smarty technology.

    May it be a small website project or massive enterprise solution, hire Smarty developer that integrates all of the features of PHP Smarty and create a fully functional website for you.

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