• Smart Is Everything: From People to Phones, What Next?

    How Human Beings Became Smart!

    It is the Mother Nature gift of Mind to human beings that led to Human evolution. However it rightly justifies that the process must have been prolonged since there were people originated from apes (our ancestors). Studies show that behavioral and physical traits shared by people started off from apes and evolved for many years. By far, the process of becoming a human took 6 million years! Here it would be inevitable to write about the role of Mind in the whole evolution process. Our mind has given birth to two elements that are Wants and Needs. Needs are meant for survival whereas wants are for Comforts. We can say that Humans started being smart and intelligent species during this phase of development; they were cultivated in such a way that several things and surroundings were invented so as to make lives more comfortable. For the betterment of life, humans revolutionized their living. This was the point of time from where man started becoming smarter and smarter. From a primitive means for getting food a stone, and then axel to the current smart Microwave Oven, and from a non-verbal communication to the latest smartphones, human race has been becoming gradually smarter.

    How Human Being Became Smart

    From a Simple Conventional Mode of Communication To Smart Phones!

    Alike human beings development in the area of communication has taken place the core element- the mind and comfort, remaining the same. Let us think of Phone an era of phones in the 20s! It was very primitive instrument and was a means of luxury.  Could you imagine of the survival of your business or personal life without telephones today? In the 20s, gradually the phones became an imperative part of communication. However, soon the cables and disturbances in the communication path led to invent some gadget without a piece of cable. Then there came the mobile phones with micro transistors, which incredibly advanced within a short amount of time. Gradually, the mobile phones became indispensable technology of our era as it facilitates Communication- anywhere anytime which ultimately resulted into the “Smart Phone” era. Wherein live/virtual communication from remote places is possible and that is with ease! Thus, smartphones have intensified one’s living. It will continue to unleash in the future and interconnect the world in the smartest way.

    Years later, a breakthrough in technology was observed by the humans! Along with smartphones, there were different network generations (e.g. 1G, 2G, 3G etc) introduced in the market globally. Smart usages are being evolved to augment remote communication. And this is how we are blessed with “Smart Technologies”. We see a spectacular curve when it comes to utilizing smart technologies in mobile devices or home amenities. Alike smart gadgets, homes also have become smarter by the day; they provide “one-touch” facility/operation. Significantly, the technology at our fingertips is just like a “Boon” for us.

    Smart Technology

    Let’s have a look at the journey of traditional phones to smartphones!

    Robots Are Smarter Than Anyone or Anything!

    After the revolutionary era of the smart mobile devices and the extending horizons of the same, it would be necessary to integrate the home automation technologies! In this era of high-end technology, building a home with automated amenities is very much possible. We see robotic technologies in Smart Homes, wherein there are wireless power controls, automated door locks, décor-friendly gadgets, advanced security systems and much more! Robotic technologies are used to cut the cost of labor in the maintenance of smart homes. It turns out that, in bettering homes with the growth in robotic technology are infinite!

    What Next?

    The defining facet of the 21st century is the Evolution of Technology that helps human beings become smarter by the day. From commerce (trade) to transportation, every little thing has rolled out SMART so far! It is not only about smart humans, gadgets or amenities! Once again the basic element Mind comes in our today’s discussion. Mind and its capacity to imagine know no limits and hence not only human beings but their dwellings are sure to be being smarter and smarter in coming times.

    • What can be “Smart” according to you?
    • Is it something that helps connect the planet or is it something else?
    • What does it mean to be ‘SMART’?

    Is it about the Internet of Things when it comes to building smart solutions?


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