• “A-B-C-D” About Tools and Tips to Develop HTML5 Games

    HTML5 Game DevelopmentGame development for web and mobile operating systems like iOS, android, blackberry and windows requires immense creativity blended with latest technical know how and programming skills. Some years back, designing a mobile game required special equipment and a decent amount of programming knowledge. But thanks to, software evolution, today the barriers between quality game development and developers are almost vanished.

    If you are a beginner game developer, and confused about which gaming platform to employ for game development. Then fortunately, you are at the right spot. Here, we will encounter with best and the only viable gaming platform available today .i.e. HTML5

    Let’s Start With Workflow

    HTML5 WorkflowHTML5 has some impressive list of debugging tools and testing is even simpler than launching a browser. There are tons of game development books, sites and other resources with sample code. Tools for HTML5 games are freely available but sometimes you need to pay for commercial tools such as WebGL, LimeJS, Game Maker and others. If you want to develop physics based HTML5 games in no time, then java script game engine such as ImpactJS also exist.

    W3C Defined Platform with Amazing Stability

    On 17th Dec 2012, W3C completed the definition process of HTML5 and announced that businesses and developers can now make use of HTML5 as a full programming environment for cross-platform applications, gaming and animations. With this all the major web browsers are compatible with HTML5 and tech companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla are actively pushing HTML5 in all the areas such as applications and gaming.

    Now Comes with Backward Compatibility

    As mentioned above, the new HTML5 tags are supported in all modern browsers. HTML5 was designed to be backwards compatible with both HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0/1.1, so that previous (X)HTML pages could be migrated to HTML5 easier. Of course, they wouldn’t be taking advantage of new HTML5 features (such as new tags), but they would still be technically valid HTML5.


    HTML5 Mobile Game DeveloperThe importance of HTML5 among mobile platforms is gaining momentum. Developing HTML5 based games and applications make lot of sense. From simple to complex, there are many free HTML5 game engines and framework available. EnchantJS, Impact, Crafty, Pulse, MelonJS, Cosos2d Game Engine, Canvas Game Engine, Cube Engine and the list goes on. Instead of flash, owners of iOS and android are propelling and promoting HTML5 as an ideal development platform for their operating systems. So, be free to develop mobile games with HTML5.

    Plenty of Channels to Distribute Games

    Days are changed and now there are hundreds of ways by which you can distribute and sell your HTML5 games. Platforms like Chrome Webstore, Apple’s iTunes; Android’s App Store, FF marketplace; Clay.io and Window 8 are available where you can publicize your HTML5 creation.

    Not only that you can directly sell licenses of your creation at FGL and MarketJS. By making use of wrapper like cooconjs, appmobi, phonegap and node webkit, you can comfortably export them to Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS, and Android.

    Security at Its Best

    Obfuscation of game Code. Many of you might not be aware about it, obfuscating your code essentially just takes what you have, and make it hard to understand what the source means. You can use UglifyJS and a Ruby rakefile to both compile all of our JavaScript files together. Not only that, by making use of anonymous wrapping functions, you can prevent alteration of codes.

    Facebook and HTML5

    html5 facebook app developmentFacebook strongly believes in HTML5. While Facebook passively waits for others to develop great browsers that can deal with any HTML5 code, Google has already decided that developing the best browser is the key to success, since browsers will be the future entertainment platform.

    Facebook’s mobile platform began pushing the social discovery of apps created with HTML5. Industry blogs even commented that “Facebook could finally be a decent distribution solution for the long-tail of mobile app that don’t have a top 100 ranking.”

    Future of Your HTML5 Game

    Its Bright, future of your HTML5 based game is surely bright. HTML5 had triumph over many of its previous issues, like the size of its prospective userbase. Today there are more than 2 billion HTML5 fans. There are many landmark HTML5 games that feel great, look great, and perform great.

    2D and 3D Support for Games

    HTML5 3D Game DevelopmentCanvas element HTML5 is the deciding factor in replacing flash animations. Game developers can effortlessly create controllable and dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images with JavaScript. HTML5 goes hand in hand with CSS3 to create the professional experiences.

    One thing is for sure, HTML5 is a lightweight, powerful and user-friendly platform. And games, 3D animation, 3D graphics can be created in no time using HTML5 canvas, 3D WebGL, CSS3 and JavaScript. Together, HTML5 and CSS represent the future of mobile gaming.


    HTML5 and its supporting engines and tools makes the gaming world a perfect and open for developers who can instantaneously get their art in front of potential players with no barriers. For an addictive game development that grips thousands of eyes, game developers must have basic understanding of all the designing and development tools and about how to use them at correct time. Please, pen down your comments about HTML5 as the future of Gaming World.

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