• Do Not Lag Behind and Get The Punch Advantage of HTML5

    The Punch Advantage of HTML 5

    HTML5 is the evolution or you can say the reinvention of the web world. Everyone knows what HTML stands for but behind the scenes it’s the coding language that makes us able to see the wonderful videos and beautiful images online.

    Since the original HTML was invented with the web over 20 years ago, it has gone through many updates and the latest is the HTML 5 that has already shown its own capabilities to deal with stuffs like for e.g. video (written in coding language) so that plug-ins will not be necessary and its other important features are audio, vector graphics and animations, drag and drop, editable web page content, storage within the browser and a lot more geeky stuffs.

    There are some outstanding features in HTML5 that provide you handful of options and with no doubts you can use it in all development projects straightaway but unfortunately there are few who are still not into HTML5.

    Who is using HTML5?

    There are few major sites that have adopted it along the way

    • FireFox is HTML5 compatible
    • Chrome has its own Web Store in HTML5
    • Disney games use HTML5
    • Pandora dropped its long time support for flash and favors HTML5
    • Adobe stops flash and now uses HTML5 Development for mobile devices
    • Flickr uses a new HTML5 up-loader

    The ones lagging behind

    The most amazing fact is that out of the top 100 sites, 34% use HTML5 but there are few who are still lagging behind:

    • Craigslist isn’t using HTML5
    • eBay has decided to stay with native apps
    • Wikipedia is not taking the advantage of the full features of HTML5
    • WordPress homepage isn’t using HTML5

    HTML5 ADOPTION is expected to explode as over 1,000,000,000

    HTML 5 Compatibility in Smartphones

    We have entered a brand new year 2013; native applications are using HTML5 to deliver content within the context of the native application and HTML5 compatibility Smartphones will be sold by this time.

    On this planet that is ruled by rapidly growing technologies you’ll find thousands and thousands of HTML5 Development Companies in the online world but there are only few such TRUSTWORTHY COMPANIES that resolve problems of the customers getting applications that are 100% not native.

    They put in a lot of efforts with full dedication and commitment to create applications that is One Hundred Percent HTML5 to make the user experience wonderful similar like the native applications and as a result the responses from the client will always be positive with complete customer satisfaction.

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