• Introducing Prestashop Version 1.6 For Best Prestashop Development

    The great revolution has taken place in the eCommerce industry with the launch of Prestashop version 1.6 on 17th March 2014.

    Missed the news? Don’t worry.

    Today we will take a detailed peek at the effective new features of Prestashop Version 1.6 worth incorporating in your eCommerce stores for rapid conversions. Abounding with an assortment of new features such as real time data, exclusive key performance indicators, the ability to edit live Prestashop templates, Prestashop Themes and a comprehensive redesigned user interface, Prestashop version 1.6 fosters merchants with everything to make their online stores a big success.

    Prestashop development was always been a leading eCommerce solution since its initialization in 2007 be it up gradation, migrations or development.

    “Check Out These Winning Numbers of Prestashop”

    • Powers 165,000+ active online stores worldwide
    • Used in 160+ countries
    • Community of 600,000+ dedicated members

    The 3 Major Improvements You Will See In Prestashop Version 1.6:

    • A new responsive Front Office template
    • A new responsive Back Office
    • A Dashboard designed to better manage your business

    Prestashop v1.6′s Features To Add A Midas Touch To Your estore

    1. Integration of New Technologies:

    Get a Forefront with up-to-the-minute web technology, v1.6 integrates with Bootstrap 3.0, D3 Data Driven Documents, Sass Compass and Font Awesome by making your online store technologically smarter for shoppers.

    2. User-friendly Redesigned Back-Office:

    The newly redesigned Back-Office streamlines management by eliminating unwanted information and disorders. Get an organized online ecommerce store now.

    3. Completely Responsive Back-Office:

    You can stay fully connected to your store as the new completely responsive back office helps you manage your Prestashop eCommerce store from any device or tablet.

    4. Superb New Dashboard Look:

    Get the information crucial to you clearly displayed on the Dashboard, updated in real-time. By working closely with merchants, Prestashop designers and developers have brought a new look and feel of the Dashboard which would adorn your ebusiness.

    5. Real-time Net Profit Margin:

    Time to know your sales and profits straightaway anytime. With the exclusive eCommerce feature of Net Profit Margin automatically get a real-time update on sales and profits made. so, Prestashop v1.6 surely rocks.

    6. Smart Estimate Statistics Panel:

    For merchants to make profit with decisions based on current trends and forecasts, Prestashop v1.6 offers a new Estimate statistic Panel to assess how your sales are trending and how it would be in future. Make a full-proof strategy to hit your target audience by incorporating this feature in your eCommerce Prestashop Development.

    7. Smart Key Performance Indicator (KPI):

    Avail an advanced perception on your eShop by knowing details such as number of male/female customers visited, best selling products etc. This valuable KPI information would be available in the select-page in the Back-Office which can help your online store make available the right product.

    8. Redesigned totally responsive front-office default Prestashop template:

    The default Prestashop Templates with responsive front-office gives stylish, sleek and smart shopping experience to the customers. Opting this would definitely make shoppers revisit your store.

    9. Live Prestashop Template Edits from Front-Office:

    With the help of Sass Compass technology retailers can renew the front-office look without any modern technical knowledge. So, now changing the CSS of your store is easy with live Prestashop Template edit.

    10. Instant Field Format Validation:

    The Prestashop version 1.6 has added an instant validation in the fields for customers to create accounts, email etc. If an invalid format is used, the customer will be immediately notified in a non-obtrusive way and you gain right customer details and not fake.

    11. Captivating Promotional Banners:

    Through Prestashop version 1.6 get attractive banners to highlight sales, marketing campaigns and other promotions. You can get custom Prestashop designs as Prestashop E-Commerce Solutions.

    12. Product View – Grid or List Option:

    Make scrolling through products simpler with the product view- grid or list option as per Prestashop design in v1.6 and make your customers shopping experience delightful.

    13. Quick filtered search by product attributes:

    With product attributes such as color, price, brand & more quickly filter the products with professional search navigation. This feature is helpful in custom Prestashop development of your eStore. Prestashop v1.6 gives faster and convenient shopping experience to the online shoppers.

    14. Integrated Product Comparison with dedicated URL:

    Add all new comparison features for the available products of your online store. With a dedicated URL in your Prestashop eCommerce development design make sharing possible for your shoppers.

    15. Powerful Navigation Rich Menu:

    You can include dynamic navigation with Prestashop module for rich menu. The Prestashop customization and professional design of this advanced menu adds to front-office improvements.

    Do not keep your eCommerce Store deprived of these influential features of Prestashop version 1.6. Take benefit of all these cutting edge features of Prestashop v1.6 by hiring a Prestashop developer/ designer from a reputed company.

    How Can HirePHP help you in eCommerce Prestashop Development with v1.6?

    HirePHP is an acclaimed web & mobile development company situated in Chicago, IL with 5+ years of experience. We have a cluster of expert Prestashop developers, all equipped to provide your with custom Prestashop development services to meet your eCommerce store requirements.

    For any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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