• A Look On Jolla’s Multitasking and Intuitive Mobile OS “Sailfish”

    Lately, the news about newly launched mobile operating system “Sailfish” spiced up the market of smartphones. Soon, it became the talk of the town and people were heard murmuring that duopoly of iOS and Android has been challenged by a Finnish team made of expelled Nokian employees. Company is known as Jolla and it predicts that Sailfish OS will become a decisive alternative to Coke (Android) and Pepsi (iOS) of smartphone platforms.

    Rising Red Bull Of Mobile Operating System

    Till date, we witnessed the open battle between iOS and Android in which they clearly dominated other operating system like Windows and RIM into ashes for no reasons. For the time the question arises, is it practically possible for any newbie to like Jolla’s Sailfish to dethrone the heart-ruler like iOS and Android? Can 100-odd Finns, majority of them immigrants from the dipping ship, stand a chance?

    Well it can, after viewing video demonstrations across the net (made available by Jolla), one can rest assure that this operating system is much better in terms of multitasking, personalization and user interface. At least in demos, Jolla’s absolutely different new mobile OS for smartphones, tablets and television, called Sailfish looks good.

    Into The Depth Of Sailfish

    Company beckons the success of Sailfish OS on multitasking as most people use their Smartphones for several things at a time. With this OS in your smartphone, you can enjoy upto 9 application at a time and simply operate without even “opening” them directly through home screen. Contradictory, in Android and iOS, running applications get paused when a user swings from one to another.

    Jolla’s Sailfish is all about speed, performance and multitasking. Conventional “swipe” gesture is a hereditary gift to sailfish alike Nokia N9, as it is based on MeeGo operating system.  You can skip the tracks by swiping from one side of a tile, if it’s a music player. Pulley menu system permits users to control key features like music playback controls and call capability and that too without opening an application.

    According to company officials, OS is highly competitive with consumer friendly user-interface, and like Microsoft it does not have any business legacy. The company further added that it is partnering with ST-Ericsson on chipsets for the phones. At the end, good news for app and game devoted generation, as it may go with android apps with little or no modification. SDKs and tools for apps and games development will be offered in early months of 2013.

    Who Are They

    Members of team Jolla are none other than qualified programmers and designers who were engaged on MeeGo project which was undertaken by Nokia. Commence of Window Phones, forced Nokia to shutdown the MeeGo project and guided developers to turn their way towards Jolla, Finland – The land of legendary programmers.

    Once the devices equipped with Jolla Sailfish OS are released, it would be interesting to see the Clash of Titans. Please, comment your views about the same and share the Knowledge.

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