• Apples Unveils iOS 7, The Most Significant Update Since iPhone’s Birth

    Apple announces a redesigned version of the iPhone operating system and this time it’s the number seven added to its name, the iOS 7 which focuses on simplicity and has less skeuomorphic appearance.

    At WWDC, Apple finally shows off its most significant update and this time it’s a completely redesigned iOS 7 which is coming this fall. Tim Cook has said and described it as the biggest change to the mobile operating system since iPhone was launched and the company has purely focused on the simplicity of the design.

    iOS 7 in action with new features and new design

    iOS 7 is indeed an elegant upgrade and it appears to be clear, simple, translucent and better. It changes the way you will interact with your iDevices. This was only possible under the guidance of John Ive, the Design Guru of Apple who replaced the 3D effects and skeuomorphic elements employed in the previous versions by flat design. The new icons are flatter with updated typography, new animation and transparency for images.

    If you’ve missed to catch the list of new features of the updated version on the day of release, roll down your eyes on the below noteworthy iOS 7 features:

    Control Center: One swipe offers you so many controls like adjusting the brightness, volume control and including settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other controls.

    Notification Center: You can check new emails, missed calls and different to-dos that need to be followed on a particular day. A feature named Today is also integrated that makes your task of organizing your daily works in a convenient way.

    Multitasking: It offers a smarter way of multitasking that allows you to have the access to other apps without the loss of much battery.

    AirDrop: This is a new feature that has been introduced by Apple that lets you share files or spreadsheets between other iDevices over Wi-Fi.

    Camera: You can easily switch to modes and has built-in filters to give effects to your images.

    Siri: It has go a lot smarter than before and is also getting a new voice with an option that can change to male voice.

    iTunes Radio: Offers Streaming Radio Stations with an access to 200 genre-based stations having the best collections of songs to please your ears.

    iOS in the Car: This feature let you access the built-in functions of your car and also lets you access Siri, Maps, and Messages.

    Find My iPhone: Apple integrates new security features that let you deactivate your iPhone if it is lost or stolen. Your Apple ID is the key to reactivate your device.

    All these features that have been listed might have raised your pulse rate and all the Apple fans out there might be getting restless to lay hands on the beta version of the iOS 7 to enjoy a whole new experience on their iPhones and iPads. We will be keeping you updated for more Apple news and in the meantime you can drop in your comments in the below block with your views on the newly released iOS 7.


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