• Catch the Wave of Ecommerce For Your Small Business

    Magento eCommerce SolutionsFuture of eCommerce for every business either small or large looks promising on the web. And if you are serious about making money online, it’s necessary that you stay updated with existing and emerging marketing conditions and eCommerce trends.

    Ecommerce is exploding and internet market keeps maturing with every passing day. In such conditions, let’s have a closer look at how small business owners can continue to sell more and stand out in competition.

    Brick and Mortar Retailers are Shifting Online

    Small Business AppsAdoption of technology by consumer is fastest than ever and as a result of which, modes of buying goods online are changing continuously. Recent studies about smartphones concluded that only in USA 28.5% of rise was measured versus 2011 and 86 million Americans are using their smartphones to shop online.

    This doesn’t mean that brick and mortar stores are dying. They are simply evolving in standards as consumers find new technologies to furnish their lives. It’s a challenge for retailers about how they understand consumer behavior and respond to it.

    So to fix your roots deeper in the ground of rising technology, small business must follow 3 steps mentioned below.

    Make Your Business Mobile Ready: Website for MobileEither from tablet, smartphone or desktop, consumers loves to shop goods at place and time of their convenience. This year on Thanksgiving and Black Friday online shopping was up over 14% compared, out of which with 24% of consumers made shopping via their smartphones.

    According to International Data Corp. by 2015 mobile internet usage will overpass desktop usage. So in-order to sustain in the competitive online retail space, a mobile application or a responsive website is must for your business.

    Social Sharing for Small BusinessShare Your Business Socially: Any business either small or large must have social media presence across all the networks. Impact of socialization is experienced all around us, and especially for consumer oriented companies, active social media presence can help them sell more in less time and efforts.

    Share Your WebsiteSmall business owners must step forward bravely and start leveraging the power of social media to sell more. Marketing on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter can be that bridge to new lands. Share videos, discount offers, images of products and lots more with your social media account. The opportunity offered by social media is too big to ignore.

    Digital CouponsDigital Couponing for Consumers: Days are gone, as today large stack of coupons are substituted with something environmental and digital. In a latest survey held, more than 35% of respondents revealed that digital coupons “facilitated with fresh ideas.” It basically help them discovery something they didn’t know they even wanted to buy. More than one third of online customers admitted that they really prefer getting coupons online against any other format.

    An article published in Forbes magazine reported that U.S. online retail is expected to be a nearly $300 billion market by 2015. So, just by keeping abreast with eCommerce trends, you will be in position to yield maximum out of this growth.

    In the end, all these factors togetherly indicate that future of eCommerce is faster, smarter and more promising for small business owners. So, instead of watching and waiting for right time to arrive; catch the wave of eCommerce for your business.

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