• With iPhone, Blind and Visually Impaired Can See the Colors of World

    iDevicesIs it possible for a blind individual to use smartphone, to tweet, to watch videos on YouTube and to navigate a city? All these questions seem to be crazy but, yes of course, it’s all possible at Apple Inc. Recent news has confirmed that iPhone has turned out to be one of the most revolutionary inventions for the blind and visually challenged citizens. As per news, now blind individuals can check out YouTube videos, write Tweets and do everything what you do with your smartphone.

    Revolutionary iPhone for blind contains alien technology named as (VoiceOver) screen reader (works on Siri), and other innovative accessibility features that make it easier to use for those with impaired vision or blind. You don’t need pay any extra dollar for this feature nor, you have to install any application for iTunes.

    How it Works?

    Once the VoiceOver feature is on, you don’t require vision to navigate and use apps in your iPhone. Use your finger tip and voice will tell you which app you are on with all the basic details. Single tap will make you aware about the app and with double tap, you open it. With three figures together you can swipe menu screen of your iPhone to view other apps.

    This feature is based on Siri. It allows you to send voice messages, schedule meetings, search for products online and many more. Now blind individuals can speak words, numbers, or sentences out loud, and iPhone will convert their words into text. Typing is even simplified, as VoiceOver will echo characters on keyboard as and when touched.

    Due to VoiceOver Feature and magnification program (Zoom) built into the iOS operating system, iDevices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod are gaining popularity among blind and visually impaired users.

    One can certainly comment that technology has made the world smaller, and now even visually challenged citizens are part of it. Apple’s iDevices for blind people has opened up a whole new world.

    Path for Accessibility Feature in Your iPhone

    Here the path where you can switch on your VoiceOver feature.

    iPhone Settings For Blind

    Utilities => Settings => General => Accessibility => VoiceOver => Turn it on

    Listen to Language, You Understand

    VoiceOver features speaks and guide you in the languages you want. Built-in voices speaks major 36 language around the globe such as English (Australia), English (Britain), English (Irish), English (South African), English (United States), Hindi, Chinese (Cantonese), Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Arabic, German, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish Indonesian, Italian, (Belgian Dutch), French (Canadian), French (France), Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal).

    At last, iPhone apps for Blind

    List of most innovative and entertaining apps specially designed to help blinds and visually impaired. With these apps, a blind can virtually see color, paper money etc. If you want to help someone by developing voiceover custom applications for iDevices such as iPhone, iPod and iPad, then companies like are HirePhp are always a better option on the web. Company has strong understanding of market and teams of developers to fulfill your complex requirement.

    • LookTel Money Reader – With this app blind individual can recognize currency almost immediately, even in low light or in a moving car.
    • Blindsight’s TextDetective – It captures document images and turns them into plain text, which can be read with Voiceover using speech output.
    • ColorTest – This app uses iPhone camera to identify and speak color names aloud.
    • oMoby – It searches the Internet using photos taken with your iPhone camera
    • YellowPages – This free app allows you to search via voice for a business or person nearby with all the contact details.
    • Urbanspoon – This GPS based application helps you find nearby restaurants, type of food, rating and distance.

    Do you know someone blind or visually impaired? Gift them an iPhone.

    Thanks to Apple and its revolutionary iDevices, as now visually impaired individual can have fun on an iDevice. There life won’t be fully dependent in their daily living on other. It just the commence and still lots more to come from Apple, till then let’s wait and pray for better. Please Pen down your views.

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