• How Online Matrimonial Websites Help Matrimony Industry?

    Matrimony is one of the fastest growing industries world wide and has gained tremendous significance over the years. Matrimonial and dating sites are trusted by zillions of users across the globe and that’s the reason it is making billions of dollars every year.

    Let the Numbers narrate the success story.

    wedding industry statistics

    • There are approximately 2.5 million weddings, and the wedding industry / Matrimony Industry has grown to an empire of 40 billion dollars per year

    Online Matrimonial portals and dating websites are contrived with advanced technology & customizations that allow users to find the perfect match for them. Massive database, derivatives from automated calculations and flexibility of comparison are few of the striking features of a successful online matrimonial or dating website. Increased use of internet and smartphones has made finding life partner or dating partner a breeze.

    Matrimonial & Dating Sites: How Various Stakeholders Get Benefited?

    Entertainers – Entertainers are a hot commodity in any wedding. Matrimonial sites have turned out to be quite beneficial for them, as marriages are incomplete without music and dance. From R&B to Rock , country or hip hop, these entertainers can play it all. And the best part is that if the bride and groom are alien to dance, dance lessons can also be arranged ahead of the wedding. How’s that? Matrimonial sites have made it easy for people to find entertainers online which is beneficial both for customers and service providers.

    Wedding Planners

    A matrimonial website provides huge business prospects to a wedding planner. The wedding planners uses the Matrimonial Websites as a tool for networking their businesses. They power the whole wedding occasion remarkably by organizing everything such as invitations, musicians, caterers, venue, security, water suppliers, decorators & beauticians etc. Thus matrimonial websites help them get business too.

    Beauty Clinics

    Who would not want to look gorgeous on the biggest day of his or her life? Brides/bridegrooms go through a rigorous treatment to look charming and beautiful on their “Wedding Day”. Hence beauty clinic/ spas also get to extract business through Matrimonial websites.

    Cosmetic Giants & Accessories

    The cosmetic giants and accessories businesses find a huge marketplace through the online Matrimonial Websites. The enormous demand of cosmetic products and accessories and their availability on the cyberspace helps both consumers and businesses.

    Photography & Video

    You would like to capture every single moment of the biggest day of your life and hence photography and video cannot be do without. Immense business prospects for small and big shutterbugs are available on these matrimonial sites.

    Travel & tourism

    Travel and tourism industry grew remarkably in the past few years. Thanks to these matrimonial and dating sites. From sightseeing, dining and wining, entertainment, nightlife, beach & lakes, casinos, cruises, sports etc everything can be arranged by travel and tourism companies available at your disposal via matrimonial and dating websites.

    How To Build a Matrimonial & Dating website For Your Business?

    The idea of getting a matrimonial site developed is indeed a great idea, but executing the idea in the best way possible is even more crucial. Your website should have all the ingredients your end users look for. This is only possible by using cutting edge technology such as various customizations, extensions/modules and integration. Hence you must consult an expert matrimonial and dating website development company with contemporary resources and expertise to help your idea transpire.

    Hope this piece is crystal clear to you.

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