• Launch of Swift – Apple’s new programming language

    Along with the declaration of iOS 8 and Yosemite at the Apple WWDC 2014 event in San Francisco, the declaration that brought the astronomic cheers & hand clapping from the audience was the announcement of “Swift”, a new programming language. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi said that the reason Apple came up with “Swift” was that they wanted to bring up a language without the interference of Objective – C.

    Unveiling “Swift” – a new programming language for OS X and iOS apps

    Swift is a dynamic new programming language for iOS and OS X that holistically fosters developers in creating fabulous lightening-fast apps. Designed for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, Swift has a blend of performance and expertise of compiled scripting languages. This programming language helps iOS app developers to write secured and tested code by obviating programming errors, coexists with Objective-C code and integrate swift in the apps they develop.

    Features & Advantages of Swift Programming language

    • Swift is 3.9 times faster than Python, whereas Objective-C is only 2.8 times faster. IOS app developed on Swift shows better performance and are faster.
    • It offers powerful characteristics such as improved enumeration syntax, automatic memory, closures unified with function pointers, Multiple Return Values, generics, structs that support methods, extensions, protocols.
    • Fast and concise iteration over a range or collection.
    • Swift is designed for safety and it is interactive and fun to deploy the same.
    • Reduces app crashes because of tested codes that prevents errors.
    • Swift Playgrounds also enables iOS developers to see the entire history of a value over time as an application runs.

    Last but not the least, Swift is beyond question a smart move by Apple. This novel language will help attract more developers by cutting down the entry threshold for the Apple development system. Hirephp is looking forward to do some real benchmarking in the coming times with Swift apps.

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