• OsCommerce Development is a Secure Online Tool for an eCommerce Store Merchant


    eCommerce is a growing market and in the first quarter of the year 2013 the sales were up by 13 percent. In the countries that are the members of G20, the internet economy will mount at more than 10 percent annually for the next 5 years and by 2016 reach $4.0 trillion or 5 od GDP. So now if you are thinking which eCommerce platform will determines the success of your eCommerce businesses, its sure to be OsCommerce!

    OsCommerce is Used by Different Verticals

    Some of the popular websites that top in the 10k, 100k and 1 million sites group is show as below and are classified in the respective field.

    What Does This Graph Mean to an eCommerce Merchant?

    It is important for every business to have a global presence and OsCommerce does it easily for you. From an eCommerce merchant point of view, it becomes more important to entrust their existing user base.

    • OsCommerce is a secure platform as it uses the SSL encryption
    • Manages customers and orders from the dashboard
    • OsCommerce has add-ons that publish reviews of customers. Clear and true product views will make the customer more confident in making purchase from your store or business website.
    • There are a number of modules available which can be customized and can be easily integrated into the website.
    • This eCommerce platform has an excellent community that assures the success of OsCommerce which includes forums, bug reporter Update section, FAQ with a knowledge base system and development work board.
    • Integrating custom templates and designs give a unique look to your shopping website
    • OsCommerce payment integration and merchant services that support a number of currencies and foreign credit cards.
    • There is no risk of file corruption as all text in the site is saved in reference files in the text format itself

    In simple words we can say that “OsCommerce is suitable for a wide range of stores and gives your customers a quality shopping experience”

    Plunge into the eCommerce World with OsCommerce

    The above graphical image and points clear state that OsCommerce is a trusted, secure and cost-effective tool for increasing sales and improving conversion rates as it allows product catalogues that can be browsed and searched, Related Products feature, newsletters and what’s new feature.

     to get your business website off on the very best foot. Our developer can also help you to make a transition from an existing platform to another easily you decide that a change is needed. Want to build your online store? Contact Us Now.

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