• How Travel Web Portal Development Can Help your Travel Business?

    Increased use of internet has aided all major industries across the globe elevate their presence including Travel and Tourism which undoubtedly is one of the most lucrative industries. On the flip side, the industry has become much more competitive than it ever was, because the travel and tourism agencies with no online presence will be deprived of the humungous business prospects. Hence, in today’s digital era besides the end users travel and tourism online portals are not only useful but essential for many businesses.

    Travel and Tourism Web Portal Development is Beneficial For:

    • Travel Companies/Agencies
    • Travel Operators
    • Travel Franchisees
    • Tours and Travel Management Companies

    Travel and Tourism Web Portal For Your Travel Online Business

    A sound online web presence of your travel business is marked by an all encompassing and powerful web based booking engine that helps your customers and fellow businesses find relevant information combined with assistance for booking and safe payment transfer facility.

    If your travel web portal is a complete package that offers flexible B2B and B2C travel options and integrated with travel APIs such as air booking, train booking, hotel booking, various travel packages, car rental, travel insurance etc. you are on your way to earn loyal customers.

    Benefits of a Travel and Tourism Web Portal Development-

    • Interact with your customers at low cost
    • Lowered order processing costs
    • Real Time Data Access
    • Low Maintenance cost
    • Business Expansion due to increased exposure and increased RoI
    • Quick reservation or booking of hotel rooms, cars, flights, bus, tour packages etc

    Features of an Ideal Dynamic Travel & Tourism Website

    As aforementioned, travel industry is a huge industry that comprises not only travelers, but also many stakeholders and affiliate business partners. Hence, simply having a travel online web portal is not good enough. You need a travel website that not only functions but functions well and accommodates the needs of different types of users and affiliate business partners. In order to accommodate the needs of various types of travelers, stakeholders and also to manage the portal well, you need a dynamic travel and tourism website with the following features to name a few-

    • Your online travel portal must have a robust travel portal administer interface that offers management of various travel related activities such as User Management, Agent Management, Booking Management, Affiliate Management, Newsletter Management etc.
    • Interface providing different features to different types of users and members, schedules of flights, buses or trains, info about hotel rooms, car rental facility, booking information and various tourism packages.
    • Travel Agent Interface for agent registration and login facility, flexibility to create custom tour packages and invoice generation etc.
    • Payment Gateway Integration
    • SMS and Email Management Gateway integration

    Hire a Travel and Tourism Online Portal Development Company

    In order to make a brand identity amidst today’s competition, you need an impressive website with customizations that can help your users and affiliate businesses. Hence, hire a travel and tourism online portal development company with ample of experience in travel web portal development.

    HirePHP is widely regarded as a travel online business portal development company based in Chicago, Illinois. Give Us A Shout, if you have a travel web portal development idea, even if it is a sketchy one, we can help it take shape.

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