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    Enterprise Web Portal Design and Development is a complex undertaking with lots of “dos” and “donts” to be looked out for. It is often the most complicated module of any web portal implementation. Whether your company is large or small, you have to spend time on work flow operations and management. Governance and Design are the two basic functions required to plan enterprise web portal designs. Hirephp offers many PHP web development services that include all kinds of web portal design, portal development and maintenance.

    Portal Design

    Careful time and resource management helps in the quick generation of blue prints for your Enterprise Portal. Enterprise Web Portal Design is mainly used to migrate midsize company websites onto large placement and delivery templates while maintaining the integrity of the original web content.

    Hirephp’s Enterprise Web Portal Design offers strategic development and consulting services for Internet Portals, Corporate Portals, Social Networking sites and Online Community Websites.

    Enterprise Web Portal Design employs strategic formulations for portal development along with high level portal architectures and wire frames. Database design and information architecture are commonly available for portal user interface design. Our end-to-end portal programming services include database optimization, quality assurance, hosting, maintenance, portal administration, and other support services.

    Web Portal Governance

    Once a system has been designed and implemented, it needs to be operated efficiently and profitably. This is achieved through good Governance practices. After the Planning, Design, Development, Training and overall Web Portal Development activities have been accomplished, the site needs to maintain integrity and operational efficiency. This is achieved through high quality site governance. To be a leader or business champion, cross functional teams need to be created as part of governance activities. Technical; marketing, and legal aspects also need to be considered by development team members.

    Governance is a process that takes on the responsibility of leveraging your Enterprise web portal design’s strength and stability to the fullest.

    For More Information Enquire Here. Our Sales Team will present you with a fully customized proposal detailing the specific services we can offer to meet your requirements.

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