• 6 Latest WordPress Web Design Trends to Watch out for in 2014

    The ever changing world of internet evolves and brings captivating web design trends each year and this year will be no exception either. The cyber planet has already started feeling the winds of change and for the better. So, while entering 2014 when many of us waited for the second season of the ‘House of Cards’ and the third one of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ with bated breath hoping to see them come up to our expectations yet again; you would not need to lower your expectations in terms of wordpress web designs either. So let’s see, why you need to be up to date with the latest wordpress design trends to begin with.

    WordPress Web Design Trends- Why you Need to be Up to Date?

    A website with an antiquated design and appearance speaks volumes about your business . It will only drive away your customers who have a hundred thousand options at their disposal. Although it’s next to impossible to be 100% certain while making predictions about the design trends for the entire year, but keeping a watch on the current trends help you keep up with the market pace.

    Here are hottest and latest wordpress design trends to watch out for in 2014. Take a captain cook-

    wordpress web design trends 2014

    1. Responsive WordPress Designs for Users on the Go

    Responsive wordpress designs continue to be the Mantra for 2014 as well. The increasing number of mobile and iPad users is the main reason behind this. As compared to 2012 when mobile phone was a major way of getting online for 17% of US populace, it increased to 21% in year 2013 and is expected to rise more in 2014. An increasing emphasis on responsive wordpress themes was quite evident last year and it will increase in 2014 too. Currently more than 60% wordpress themes in the official wordpress theme depository are responsive.

    2. Fonts and Typography

    Gone are the days when larger fonts were deemed unprofessional. Larger font size saves users on the go the hassle of zooming in and out every now and then. Small font sizes are already on the way out and typography is being drooled over. With less reliance on graphics and astute use of typeface, mind-blowing wordpress web designs can be created.

    3. Flat Designs-

    Simple and cleaner look ! Flat designs created waves last year and are expected to be a popular trend this year too. skeuomorphism, gradients and drop shadows are things of the past. Flat designs are one of the hot favorites among latest wordpress design trends.

    4. Minimalist Designs-

    Ultra minimalist wordpress designs will soar higher this year. This paradigm shift can be attributed to an elevated emphasis on simplistic user experience. Minimalist wordpress web designs are handy especially for sites containing heavy text and digital portfolios. Modest color schemes, minimum graphics and plenty of white space give minimalist wordpress designs the x factor they possess.

    5. Single Page Website Design-

    Single page wordpress website designs take the center stage while Multi page huge websites make way for the former. Endless scrolling is one of the salient features of single page websites- which enables loading once the user reaches to the bottom of the page. You will see more of wordpress websites with single page design this year.

    6. Fixed Horizontal Navigation-

    WordPress website designs with fixed navigation will be commonplace this year. Again, due to the upsurge of mobile usage, wordpress websites with a fixed navigational menu are more feasible. Sidebars have also become thing of the past now.

    Looking for WordPress Website Development?-The Future is Mobile

    The bottom line is mobile ! By now we can conclude that if you are planning for wordpress website development, it will be incomplete without taking mobile users and the latest website design trends into consideration. Hence, you need to be quite careful while choosing a wordpress website design & development company. Whether you are looking for wordpress up-gradation, wordpress migration, wordpress theme creation services or any other wordpress cms development solution, always go for a wordpress development company that not only provides you custom wordpress solutions but is also up to date with the latest wordpress designs.

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