• Reasons Why Yii Framework The Best Choice For Your Business

    Encompassed by all the drivers of refined PHP development services, Yii Framework Development has the never-ending predilection. A high performance PHP Framework solution developed for creating engaging websites & web applications, Yii is a richly featured PHP framework based on & Web services 2.0. Hence Yii Framework is undoubtedly a profuse of advanced configuration and competencies.The additional goodies that Yii Framework offers is the great facility in handling error, comprehensive documentations & Yii themes for dynamic Yii Application Development etc.

    Now, lets flip through the important elements that makes Yii second to none.

    What makes Yii Application Development Perfect For Business?

    Here we would be discussing about the cutting edge features of Yii Framework that supports Yii Application Development & Yii Framework development efficiently.


    Yii Framework is known for its speed. The reason for Yii Application development’s speed is its fast loading ability. The Yii framework codes are light in weight and also quite optimizable.

    CRUD ( Create Retrieve Update Delete):

    The full-form of CRUD is Create Retrieve Update Delete. This feature of Yii Framework makes Yii Application Development easier and quicker.

    Easy to configure:

    Yii Framework is very easy to install and use. There are plethora of websites, tutorials, books & videos that provides you a detailed information on how to setup Yii Framework development & how to use them.

    Highly Secured:

    Yii Framework was developed bearing in mind the threats that business faces by online criminals & hackers such as SQL interjections, XSS, CSRF, tampering with cookies and much more. Thus Yii Framework provides excellent security for your Yii application & Framework Development.

    AJAX enabled widgets:

    Yii framework is also inbuilt with remarkably functional widgets. These widgets help Yii developers in developing excellent user interfaces in Yii framework Development with increased usability and efficacy.

    Database Access Objects:

    DAO is Yii Frameworks exclusive feature offering a generic API to access data stored in different database management systems (DBMS). This without any alteration in the code changes the underlying DBMS to another one.

    Ready Made Code:

    Yii framework has built-in code generation tools. The Yii framework generates code instantly. It’s a cakewalk because Yii developers just have to paste the code and they are done.

    Authorization & Authentication:

    Yii Framework has a default login system in which we can authorize users. Yii Framework also has deep-seated authentication (RBAC) and authorization (Validators) features which helps Yii Developers by illicit accesses and reduces the effort of ensuring validity information which ultimately increases ease of efforts.

    Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern:

    The substantial strength of Yii framework lies in the concept that it is modeled around MVC model of Web Application development. The model view controller model makes the total development process very systematic and organized for Yii Developers. Also with the help of separation of concerns Yii Developers get to enjoy the flexibility in Yii Designing & Yii Application Development.

    Library Rich with Extensions:

    Yii is a bouquet of extensions including twitter bootstrap extension , Yii plugins, Yii Modules, Yii integrations and much more. Due to extensions, Yii modules, plugins & Yii integrations the 3rd party API handling is very simple.

    It’s a treasure trove!

    But you own this fortune only if you hire a Yii developer from an established & experienced company.

    Where Can You Hire Yii Experts From?

    HirePhp is a spearheading Yii framework development company located in Chicago, IL having 5+ years of experience. We have a troop of dexterous Yii developers who are acquainted with up-to-the-minute Yii Framework development services. You can hire Yii Developer from us, who can build avant-garde Yii Framework Development services, Yii Application Development, Yii Theme Development & Yii module development suiting your requirements.

    Hope this piece was informative for you.

    For any question, just get in touch with us.

    Happy Reading!

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